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    What Advantages Do Dental Implants Offer?

    Last updated 1 day 19 hours ago

    If you have missing teeth, dentures aren’t the only solution. Talk to your dentist about whether you’re a candidate for dental implants. Implants offer many advantages over other tooth replacement options and have a high rate of patient satisfaction. Why should you consider dental implants? Here are just a few of the benefits that implants provide.

    Natural Appearance
    Although dentures mimic the look of real teeth, even the best-fitting dentures seldom look completely natural. They may slip when you talk or eat, and the way they fit can alter your facial appearance. Dental implants, on the other hand, are attached to your jaw with an artificial root and designed to match your remaining natural teeth, so they are virtually undetectable. No one but your dentist will know which of your teeth are natural and which are really implants.

    No Special Care
    Keeping dentures in good condition takes a lot of special care, from soaking to brushing with a special toothpaste. With dental implants, all you do is brush and floss as normal. You can treat your dental implants as you would any other teeth, and as long as you stick to a good oral hygiene routine and maintain regular dental check-ups, they should last indefinitely.

    No Special Diet
    When you get dentures, one of the first things your dentist will do is go over foods that you should avoid. On top of having to change the way you eat, you may never feel completely confident that your dentures won’t slip when you’re eating in public. Dental implants behave like natural teeth, so you can eat any foods you want without concern about damage.

    If you have missing teeth, make an appointment with Oak Creek Dental Care in Columbus, Ohio, to learn more about dental implants. Our full-service dental practice offers a range of services, including preventative care and sedation dentistry. To learn more, call (614) 682-8345.

    Oak Creek Dental Care is Hiring!

    Last updated 2 days 18 hours ago

    Oak Creek Dental Care is hiring for all positions! Please email your resume to! We can' wait to meet you! ?

    Patient Spotlight: My 6 Month Smile Journey

    Last updated 2 days 22 hours ago

    Hello All!! 

    I am so excited to share that the bottom braces have now been removed and my permanent retainer has been put in place!!  It has been a little strange getting used to the retainer, but gets better every day. The hardest part has been flossing under it, but with practice that is getting easier as well. I really appreciated the hygienist taking the time to show me how to do that!  It has been exactly 6 months and those bottom teeth look AWESOME!!! 

    The dentist tells me that since the top teeth move more quickly that it should only be a few more weeks before the uppers come off!  My family and friends are amazed with the results and a few are thinking of having the 6 month smiles for themselves!  Every few weeks I have to have to go in for an appointment to put “chains “on the top ones to keep them moving right along. They are sore for a few days after that visit, but some ibuprofen does the trick. Hopefully by the next blog, I will be ready to get those uppers off!!

    Keep reading my blog to follow my smile journey!  Until next time, Kelly!

    How Tobacco Affects Your Oral Health

    Last updated 8 days ago

    Add your dentist to the list of healthcare professionals who want to see people give up their cigarettes. Smoking can lead to a long list of oral health problems, some of which are cosmetic and some of which can be deadly.

    Watch this video to learn more about how tobacco impacts your oral health. Cosmetically, smoking leads to yellow teeth and chronic bad breath. Even worse, smoking can cause gum disease—which in turn causes tooth loss—as well leukoplakia and oral cancer.

    Regular oral health screenings from your dentist can help catch conditions like these in their early stages. You can schedule a check-up and oral cancer screening at Oak Creek Dental Care in Columbus by calling (614) 682-8345.

    Examining Your Dental Restoration Options

    Last updated 15 days ago

    Tooth loss can leave you with not only an incomplete smile, but also diminished dental health. Because teeth rely on each other for stability, empty sockets can cause surrounding teeth to shift and loosen, which can hasten additional tooth loss. With Oak Creek Dental Care, though, you can quickly have back the complete smile you once enjoyed.

    We provide several dental restoration services for our patients. Dentures have long been a popular choice for individuals with tooth loss. These removable devices make it easy to once again eat and speak as you did with your natural teeth. Fitted to the exact specifications of your mouth, our dentures offer a comfortable and convenient alternative to missing teeth. If you don’t want to remove and reinsert dentures on a regular basis, you can opt for a bridge or dental implants. Like dentures, these permanent devices can approximate the feel and function of your natural teeth.

    Would you like to learn more about our restorative dentistry services? Then call Oak Creek Dental Care at (614) 682-8345. Our Columbus, Ohio dentists and support staff can help you select the option that best suits your needs.

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